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Exotics Tests

Exotics TestSpecimen Requirements
*Tissue in Formalin
Adrenal Androgen Panel For Ferrets2ml Serum
Aleutian Disease1ml Serum, 0.5ml Urine and Oral swab
Aspergillus Ag, Galactomannan AssayMinimum 0.5mL Serum
Aspergillus Antibody AvianMinimum 0.5mL Serum
Aspergillus Profile AvianMinimum 1mL Serum
Avian Blood Lead1ml Heparin
Avian Comp Prof w/Bile Acid2ml Heparin
Avian Comp Prof w/Bile Acid & EPH2ml Heparin & 1ml Serum
Avian Comprehensive Chemistries1ml Heparin
Avian Protein Electrophoresis1ml Serum
Avian Standard Chemistries1ml Heparin
Avian Standard Prof w/Bile Acid2ml Heparin
Avian Zinc Assay1ml Heparin
Avian/Exotic CBC1ml Heparin
Bile Acids Avian/Exotic1ml Heparin
Car-Bacillus Titer1ml Serum
Chlamydia Smear, FAConjunctiva swab
Chlamydophila Antibody Titer1ml Serum
Chlamydophila Antibody Titer IFA1ml Heparin
Chlamydophila PCR Blood1ml Heparin
Chlamydophila PCR SwabCloacal / Choanal Swab
Chlamydophila Profile1ml Heparin & 1ml Serum
Chlamydophila Titer EBA1ml Heparin
Comp Mammalian Profile w/ Bile Acid2ml Heparin & 1ml EDTA
Comprehensive Avian Post Purchase2mL Serum, 5 gm Fecal & 1mL EDTA Blood
Comprehensive Avian Profile1ml Heparin
Comprehensive Mammalian Profile2mL Heparin & 1ml EDTA
Comprehensive Reptilian Profile1ml Heparin
Diarrhea Profile Avian1mL Heparin, feces and fecal swab
Distemper Titer-Virus Neutraliz.1ml Serum
Encephalitozoon spp. PCR1ml EDTA whole blood or CSF
Encephalitozoon cuniculi IgG Ab1ml Serum
Feather Picker Profile2ml Heparin, Feces, Swab and 1ml Serum
Geriatric Weak Ferret Profile2ml Heparin, 1mL EDTA and urine
Hepatic Profile2ml Heparin and slide
Mammalian Comprehensive Chemistries2ml Heparin
Mammalian Standard Chemistries1ml Heparin
Mini Avian Post Purchase2ml Heparin, blood and fecal slides
Avian/Reptile Profile
albumin (ALB), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), bile acid
(BA], calcium (Ca], creatinine kinase (CK), globulin (GLOB),
glucose (GLU), potassium (K), sodium (Na), phoshates (PHOS),
total protein (TP), uric acid (A)
0.5 ml Lithium Heparin whole blood or 0.5 ml Serum
Exotics Manual WBC Counts - Avian/Reptilian1ml Heparin whole blood + 2 blood smears
Mini Hepatic Profile1ml Heparin and slide
Mini PU/PD1ml Heparin and slide
Mycoplasma Reptile and Turtle1ml Heparin or 1ml serum
Pasteurella Antibody Titer1ml Heparin or 1ml serum
Pasteurella Panel1ml Heparin or 1ml serum and Nasopharyngeal swab
Pasteurella PCR SwabNasopharyngeal swab
Polyoma Antibody1ml Heparin
Polyoma Panel2ml Heparin or 2ml serum and fecal swab
Polyoma PCR Blood1ml Heparin
Polyoma PCR SwabFecal swab
Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease1ml Heparin and swab
PU/PD Profile2ml Heparin, slide and urine
Rabbit Neurologic Profile2ml Heparin and 1ml EDTA
Rabbit Respiratory Profile2ml Heparin or 1 ml serum and Nasopharyngeal swab
Rabbit Serologic Profile1ml Heparin or 1ml serum
Regurgitation Profile3ml Heparin, swab, blood and fecal slide
Reptilian Comprehensive Chemistries1ml Heparin
Reptilian Standard Chemistries1ml Heparin
Reptilian Profile2ml Heparin and blood slide
Reticulocyte Count, Avian1ml Heparin
Standard Avian Profile1ml Heparin and blood slide
Standard Mammalian Profile1ml Heparin and 1ml EDTA
Standard Reptilian Profile1ml Heparin and blood slide
Toxoplasma antibody - Exotics1ml Heparin or 1ml serum
Treponema Cuniculi Titer1ml Heparin or 1ml serum
Zoogen Avian DNA Sexing1ml Heparin or 1ml EDTA

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